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母国 Motherland


母国 Motherland
美国 USA, 剧情片drama
片长(Length): 93 mins
完成时间(Year): 2009
导演(Director):Doris Yeung
编剧(Writer): Doris Yeung
制片人(Producer):Taro Goto
摄影(Cinematography):Christopher Lockett
剪辑(Editing):Wayne Yung
音乐(Music): Steven Pranoto

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Raffi Tang是年轻的亚裔美国女青年,与母亲关系疏远,长年居留外国。因为母亲被杀而回家。她带着自己的悲痛,渐渐被拖入欺骗与无能为力的蛛网。写实的惊悚与失调的家庭戏码。Doris Yeung鲜明的特点是追逐美国梦的冷静写照。

After a long absence abroad, a young Asian American woman Raffi Tang (Françoise Yip) is called home when her estranged mother is murdered. She becomes increasingly drawn into a web of deception and incompetence while at the same time dealing with her own grief. Equal parts noir thriller and dysfunctional family drama, Doris Yeung’s bold debut feature is a sobering tale of the pursuit of the American Dream.


Director’s Statement:
MOTHERLAND examines the destruction of an immigrant family because
of the so-called American Dream. The Western concept of personal suc-
cess and happiness has come at the expense of traditional societal and
familial harmony. Millions of people immigrate to the U.S. in search of a
better life, but what happens afterwards? I have seen the dark side of these
aspirations tear my family apart. My personal tragedy drove me to make
MOTHERLAND, a fictionalized account of the American Dream turned into

Doris Yeung



Doris Yeung
Doris Yeung1977年生于旧金山,在香港、特区和加州长大。她曾经在中国、欧洲和美国做编剧和电影导演,求学于加州洛杉矶大学和北京电影学院,研习艺术史与导演。她也曾在一美国电影公司做导演助手,并编导过多部实验性和叙述性电影,其中包括短片《舞蹈》,该片曾获得Worldfest Houston最佳短片奖。她的电影曾在美国导演工会,旧金山现代艺术博物馆和全球众多电影节上展映。

Bio-filmography of Director

Doris Yeung Writer | Producer | Director
Doris Yeung was born in San Francisco, 1977 and raised in Hong Kong, SAR and California. She has written and directed films in China, Europe and the US and graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles and the Bejing Film Academy with degrees in Art History and Directing. She was also a Directing Fellow at the American Film Institute and has directed and written many experimental and narrative films including the short film “Dance” which won the Worldfest Houston award for Best Short.Her films have played at the Director’s Guild of America, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and at numerous film festivals around the world.