Post: 彩虹上海 Shanghai Rainbow


彩虹上海 Shanghai Rainbow


彩虹上海Shanghai Rainbow
片长(Length):59 mins
对白(Dialog):普通话 Mandarin
字幕(Subtitles):英文 English
导演(Director):韩尘Han Chen
制片人(Producer):张亚光Zhang Yaguang
摄影(Cinematography):金晶Jin Jing  韩尘Han Chen  邢维Xing Wei  谢文扬 Xie Wenyang
剪辑(Editing):韩尘Han Chen 金晶Jin Jing
制作机构(Production Company):上海交通大学 Shanghai JiaoTong University


Gloomy corners, occasional joys, undisclosed affections, wordless secrets. These are not of rainbow Shanghai. Under the guide of Ray, an American gay man teaching in Shanghai, let’s walk into the universe of his friends, and take a glance of Shanghai’s homo-life. At home, as well as in restaurants, gymnasiums, night clubs, NGOs, these people supposedly living under shadows, should lead such a life of ease? The graceful dancer in the night club works as a cashier in the supermarket at daytime; the strong boy playing volleyball regrets his poor performance; a volunteer of forty somethings trys hard to persuade those of his breed – fancying boys instead of girls – not to choose an involuntary road of cheating marriage; not to mention that flock of youth celebrating new year’s eve, singing, dancing, reciting, freely under the doubtful eyes of waiters. Should some people complaining destiny’s tricks, while others enjoying the luxury of their lives amid those feeling their responsibility in creating a fearless atmosphere for themselves as for their fellows. Ray reminds those elder gays of the risk of AIDS! Meanwhile, students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University contribute themsleves unprejudicedly to the benefits of gay people. Crowds of homos have stood out to become volunteers in order to ensure themselves as well as others an optimistic view in living a life of dignity. Rainbow is visible.



Bio-filmography of Director:
Kevin got his bachelor degree in filmmaking at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In the same time, he participated in several training courses, such as Hou Hsiao-hsien Director Master Class held by Hong Kong Baptist University, etc. Now, he is studying in Shanghai for his Master degree in Film & Television.