Post: 她“他” She’He’


她“他” She’He’


片长(Length):64 mins
字幕(Subtitles):中文 Chinses
编剧(Screenplay):大菲Da Fei  晓无Xiao Wu
导演(Director):晓无Xiao Wu
主演(Actor):亮亮Liang Liang 媛媛Yuan Yuan 大菲Da Fei
制片人(Producer):亮亮Liang Liang
摄影(Cinematography):小杰Xiao Jie
录音(Sound):小杰Xiao Jie
剪辑(Editing):小杰Xiao Jie 晓无Xiao Wu
制作机构(Production Company):深交同志网站影视工作室



她“他” She’He’ 2 她“他” She’He’ 3 她“他” She’He’ 4

‘I’m going to be married.’Xinlei said suddenly. Kaka was startled, pushed Xinlei far away. Xinlei left. Xinlei is gone, is married. Flusterd by losing the most important one, Kaka tried to cure the pain by self-intoxicated. HE met Xiaole in the frustration. Xiaole cared Kaka, love Kaka. But HE couldn’t stop thinking Xinlei.One day Xiaole left Kaka a letter before left Kaka’s life. HE finally felt losing a precious heart.

‘Eva will love Eva, with or without Adam!’




Bio-filmography of Director:
Xiao Wu(Real name:Wu Ping),Male,47 years old. SiChuan province.As a married man,I dare to talk about gay on Phoenix TV.Nowadays, I established a gay dating website named ShenZhen dating,which is the largest one in GuangDong province.( Besides, I Actively participated in the provincial CDC,the Global Fund charity health interventions among MSM,and made several movies about gay dating healthily.Now,I am trying to cooperate with other organizations,in order to make more movies about gay life.


Director’s Statement:
<She’He’>Is my first movie about Lesbian,as time is so short,it has some shortages.But anyway,it can make a little contribution to gay.