Post: 只爱陌生人 Innocent


只爱陌生人 Innocent


只爱陌生人 Innocent 2


片长(Length):80 mins
对白(Dialog):粤语 英语 Cantonese English
字幕(Subtitles):中英 Chinese English
导演(Director):钟德胜 Simon Chung
主演(Actor):李亭渔Li Tingyu 刘松伟Liu Songwei 尔狄伟Er Diwei Larry Peloso  Jovita Adrineda
制片人(Producer):Eric Wiegand
制作机构(Production Company):有心人制作

邓家有子初长成,本想在港和小男友甜蜜一番,怎料母亲一声令下,全家突然移民多伦多,人人都要重新开始。没关系,天涯何处无芳草,青涩男孩来到加拿大,将 荷尔蒙尽情释放,将型男表哥中年律师同班同学一网打尽,让青春在性与爱之间燃点……自己的感情账还未算清,父母又日日暗战,母亲与大陆来的一男子同开餐 馆,父亲则和邻居女孩偷欢。儿子爱在别乡的季节,最后却错爱厨房工人…

17-year-old Eric follows his parents to immigrate to Canada and is thus forced to confront different emotional and cultural problems. He must not only adjust to the new environment, but also come to terms with his homosexuality. Standing at the brink of adulthood, he encounters a series of potential romantic interests – his handsome cousin, a schoolmate, a middle aged lawyer and finally a kitchen helper. They represent different stages in Eric’s development, from infatuation, sex, love to a sense of responsibility.