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一定要爱你 Vexed

片长(Length):13分钟24 秒
完成年份(Year):2009 年 7 月
影片类型(Type):( √ )剧情 (  ) 纪录 ( )动画 ( )其他
编剧(Screenplay):林佩诗Lin Peishi  赖锦坤Lai Jinkun
导演(Director):赖锦坤Lai Jinkun
制片人(Producer): 林佩诗Lin Peishi
摄影(Cinematography):赖锦坤Lai Jinkun
剪辑(Editing):赖锦坤Lai Jinkun
主演(Cast):Angela Ching  Belvin Ang  黄诗妮Huang Shini
制作机构(Production Company):Digitaya Production  Video Art 录影杂志
拍摄格式(Shooting Format):全高清(1920×1080)
播出格式(Screening Format):DVD
对白(Dialog):福建Fu Jian  华语Chinses
字幕(Subtitle):中英文 Chinese English


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Belvin is a Catholic. He is of a liberal disposition and constant in love. After he had made an offer in marriage to his girlfriend,his girlfriend tells him about her personal relationship with another girl.




Bio-filmography of Director:
Director Lai is an independent filmmaker based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, involving a lot of music video productions and short film productions. He was born 1974 in Ipoh, Perak (West Malaysia).He started his indie filmmaking since 2005.

一般爱情的三角恋都是围绕两男一女,或是两女一男,我却想尝试从另一种关系里出发.两人的恋情因为 “女生爱女生”的关系而起了变化.女主角夹在传统与现代的鸿沟里,不知该如何选择自己要的感情世界.她的矛盾和举棋不定,也让身边的人受到伤害. 男主角不能接受自己情敌竟然是女生,这是很有趣的地方.单纯的他以为全心全意付出就能换来完美的爱情和婚姻,可是人的心往往是难以捉摸的.天主教的他,思想保守,所以他始终过不了自己的那一关.也因为执着,所以走上不归路.

Director’s Statement:
Normal love triangle relationship will happen between two men and one girl, or two girls with one man, but in this story, I tried to figure out what will happen if the three-cornered affair happened in heterosexual and homosexual relationship. The couple broke up because of the appearance of See Nee and the girlfriend fall in love with her. Angel, the main actress, struggled in facing the wide gap between traditional and modernity viewpoint, and inflicting damage on the two persons that loves her. Belvin, the actor, was hurt deeply when his girlfriend confessed about her feeling. He can’t accept that the rival of love was a woman. He is a simple-minded person, and he had been tried so hard to be a perfect man for his future wife.

This short film was totally shot in Penang, Malaysia. Penang has a great name in tourism Malaysia that full of historical site and traditional culture. This is one of the reason why we considered Penang as our shooting location. Regionalism factor was important in this short film. Due to the influences of different culture, Penang’s Hokkien language is out of common. All the cast are Penang’s local people, without the pressure of language usage, they can act naturally.