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无声风铃 Soundless Wind Chime



Soundless Wind Chime




编剧(Screenplay):洪榮杰Kit Hung

导演(Director):洪榮杰Kit Hung

主演(Actor):呂玉來, Bernhard Bulling

制片人(Producer):Jacqueline Liu, Liliane Ott, Min Li Marti, Philip Delaquis, Stefan Zuber,趙景

摄影(Cinematography):史岳 Shi Yue

录音(Sound):Robert Porter

音乐(Music):Claudio Puntin & Insa Rudolph of Sepiasonic

剪辑(Editing):洪榮杰Kit Hung, Martina Ziesack

制作机构(Production Company):Keep In Touch Company (HK)Ltd. Das Kollektiv fur audiovisuelle Werke GmbH






Soundless Wind Chime is the poetic journey of Ricky, searching for the lost soul and the past of his deceased Swiss lover – Pascal. The film shows a battle of love, lust, reality, memory and illusions and the grief everybody bears every day.

Ricky – a new Chinese immigrant in Hong Kong; and Pascal – a 27 years old Swiss rebel escaped from his traditional boundaries, meet in Hong Kong. Ricky works as a waiter in a local restaurant and lives with his aunt who is a street prostitute. Pascal is a thief and enjoys the advantages of his European status in this post-colonial Asian city.

After being abused by his roommate, Pascal moves in with Ricky. Although Ricky makes it easier for Pascal to immerse himself into local culture, life is never easy for these rootless hearts. They are tortured by the dilemma of whether their relationship is built on true love or only dependency on each other and the fear of being lonely. While Pascal is tempted by the glamorous and lustful gay world in Hong Kong, Ricky is holding onto his belief and waits for a sign of true love.

Without even saying goodbye, Pascal passes away in an accident. Ricky carries his grief and sorrows to Switzerland, looking for hints of Pascal in a nameless village. When he visits a beautiful thrift store, Ricky meets Ueli, a man that looks identical to Pascal, but has a totally different personality…



Kit(1977年生)畢業於芝加哥藝術協會電視與新媒體學院,電影專業美學碩士。《無聲風鈴》這部處女作的拍攝從他念書之時便開始逐步籌劃,前后共投入五年的時間。Kit的電影曾經受邀參加超過60個國際電影節,保羅鹿特丹電影節,舊金山Mill valley電影節和台北電影節等等。


Bio-filmography of Director:

Kit Hung

His first narrative short film, [:nv:s:b/e peop/e] (2000), won a distinguish award in Hong Kong Independent Film and Video Award. His second film I Am Not What You Want (2001), won the Special Jury Prize in Golden Dragon Film Festival in Belgium. His first Swiss-Sino production Buffering… (2003) won the Special Jury Prize in Turin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in Italy.Kit’s films have been selected to more than 60 international film festivals, including International Film Festival Rotterdam, Mill Valley Film Festival, Taipei Film Festival, etc. Kit (1977) graduated from the MFA program in the Department of Film, Video and New Media in School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Soundless Wind Chime was developed during his study in Chicago and it is his debut feature, which he has been working on for 5 years.


2003 Buffering… (38mins DV, Hong Kong/Switzerland/Chicago)

Competition and Special Mention of Turin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival, Italy

2001 I am not what you want (50mins DV, Hong Kong)

Special Jury Award, International Speelfilmfestival, Ghent, Belgium

2000 Invisible People (35mins DV, Hong Kong)

Distinguish Award, the Independent Film and Video Award, Hong Kong

Honorable Mention, Transmediale.01 Award, Berlin, Germany





Director’s Statement:

Chinese believe when someone passes away, his soul will return home on the 7th day after his death. His soul is offered a soup for erasing memory as a preparation to rebirth. After drinking the soup, all his memories will be wiped off and his soul will reincarnate and start off a new life as a baby.In 2003, three Swiss persons who were important in my life passed away one by one – my lovers’ parents who lived in a small village, and my best friend who committed suicide. After all the tears and funerals, sometimes I still wake up in the morning wanting to give them a call or wanting to visit them at their beautiful farm. But my reason tells me that they have gone.

This battle of the conscious knowing that somebody has passed away and the unconscious wanting to get in touch with them has become the motivations for this production, and I believe this feeling is common to people who experience the death of their beloved.

How long does it take for someone to truly recognize and accept the death of his beloved?

Soundless Wind Chime is a film about letting go. It contextually presents the differences of Eastern and Western culture on the philosophy of life, death and the afterlife. It also presents the integration of Eastern and Western mentality.Soundless Wind Chime is partly autobiographic. It seeks to blur the boundary between ethics, race and sexuality…

Styles and approach


Body language and emotions play a very important role in this film. On the other hand, since this is a film with the context of cultural differences, dialogues are all underlaid with subtext. This film tells a story through gestures and subtle facial expression_rs. The selection of the landscape/cityscape of Hong Kong, Switzerland and Beijing already gives a very rich visual impact to the film.

Cinematographically, by taking advantage of digital video production, the Swiss scenes will be comparatively more static than the Hong Kong scenes, and the Beijing scenes are most realistic. This film was shot in Switzerland in winter to capture the emptiness of the silent landscape. In contrary, the shooting in Hong Kong was in summer, where we have captured high-rise buildings and city life. This contrast represents the loosely connected emotion of Ricky and Pascal between time and space.

Editing Structure

This film is about memories and reality, therefore it is best to present the film in a non-chronological fashion. Fragments of Hong Kong (i.e. Memories) will inter-cut between the Swiss and Beijing parts (i.e. time). The bridge between spaces and time will be linked by similar emotions of the events/characters and music.

This film is about memories and reality, therefore it is best to present the film in a non-chronological fashion. Fragments of Hong Kong (i.e. Memories) will inter-cut between the Swiss and Beijing parts (i.e. presence). The bridge between spaces and time will be linked by similar emotions of the characters, atmosphere of the events and the sensitivity of the music.



导演(Director):洪榮杰Kit Hung