Post: 我如花似玉的儿子 My Fair Son


我如花似玉的儿子 My Fair Son






编剧 导演:崔子恩

摄影 收音:杨瑾

主演:王俊睿 王维明 于博 王桂峰 李自强








2004~2005年,我们拍摄了“坏伦三部曲”:《少年花草黄》(Withered Lads in a Blooming Season)《副歌》(Refrain)和《我如花似玉的儿子》(My Fair Son)。就近20年,简体字/普通话的中国“日新月异”。一向安于贫穷的国家,一夜之间似乎暴富起来。争相于物质享乐,使成年人的离婚弃子几成风潮。相当多的少年人,体验着父母离异或者父母外出打工无人监护的日子。我的好多年轻伙伴,都是成长于单亲环境,或者由祖辈带大。“坏伦三部曲”就是取材于这样的现实土壤。“坏伦三部曲”透露出我对中国现实人伦关系的观察:中国处于一个传统伦第败坏、新的伦理正在生成的时代。我的态度是,义无反顾抛弃旧伦理,建立新的人际关系——只有伙伴之爱,没有天伦之乐。




90mins, 2007, documentary


screenplay / director: CuiZi’en

Photopgraphe / sound: YangJin

Cast: Wang Junrui, Wang Weiming, Yu Bo, WangGuifeng, LiZiqiang




Xiao Ray left me when he was very little. Before he came back to me at 18, he had stayed with his grandfather. Xiao Ray was rather quiet. Although he did not really care about me, he did care for his looks. He was indeed fair as a blossom. He puz­zled me. I was not sure if I should treat him as a son, or a daughter.

The man he loved was Xiao Bo, who was then my assistant. Retiring Xiao Bo from my company, I wanted to be the most important man in Xiao Ray’s life. I failed, however. Xiao Ray left me again. And this time, forever.




During the year 2004-2005, we shot the “trilogy of bad moralities”: Withered Lads in a Blooming Season, Refrain, and My Fair Son.

In this recent 20 years, China under Man­darin-Speaking and Simplified Characters are making great changes day by day. A nation that used to suffer hard life sud­denly became rich, people rush to pleasure and comfort life, divorces and abandoned children seem to be common, this is the background reality of my “trilogy of bad moralities”.

“trilogy of bad moralities” reflects my observation of actual morality between people in China: old order breaks down, new morality system is forming up. And my opinion is to throw away old morali­ties without any hesitation, and set up new relationships between people: that is only love of soul mate, no happiness of ethical relations.