Post: 女人50分钟 Women Fifty Minutes


女人50分钟 Women Fifty Minutes


《女人5 0 分钟》

片长: 5 4 分钟

出品时间: 2 0 0 6 年

类型: 纪录

导演: 石头

摄影 剪辑: 石头 明明



54mins, 2006, documentary

Director: Shitou

Photographer/Editor: Shitou, Mingming



从2 0 0 0 年到2 0 0 4 年, 这些影像主要拍摄于中国青藏高原、偏僻的正在开发的中国西南部、都市北京, 纪录了中国当代社会变迁。

女性在不同的地方劳作、祈祷、嬉戏, 相爱,

一切都将改变… …




These videos were mainly shot in Qinghai- Tibetan Plateau, the remote and develop­ing south-west China, metropolitan city like Beijing and etc from 2000 to 2004. They documented the social changes in con­temporary China.

Women from different backgrounds and places are working, praying, skylarking and falling in love.

Everything shall change for sure.