《我们的故事 – 北京酷儿影展十年游击战》Our Story: The Beijing Queer Film Festival’s 10 Years of “Guerrilla Warfare”

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《我们的故事 – 北京酷儿影展十年游击战》

Our Story: The Beijing Queer Film Festival’s 10 Years of “Guerrilla Warfare”

2011 | 42 min | 杨洋 Yang Yang


纪录短片 Short Documentary


监制 Supervisors

崔子恩 Cui Zi’en, 范坡坡 Fan Popo, 朱日坤 Zhu Rikun, 李丹 Li Dan, 小刚 Xiaogang, 涂建平Stijn Deklerck



邓建平 Deng Jianping, 马克 Ma Ke, 杨瑾 Yang Jin, 刁丁成 Diao Dingcheng, 小敏 Xiao Min, 周书璇 Zhou Shuxuan


剪辑 Editors

邓建平 Deng Jianping, 冯喆 Feng Zhe


制作机构Production Group

北京酷儿影展组委会 Beijing Queer Film Festival Organizing Committee


info@www.bjqff.com, oignon@163.com

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北京酷儿影展2001年缘起于发生在北大的一场由青年学生,知识分子和独立酷儿影人发起的影像运动,到如今已艰难举办了五届。作为中国大陆持续举办历史最久的民间电影活动,它也是该地区目前唯一一个持续通过电影放映、交流活动来展开性与性别身份探讨的主题影展。在并不轻松的国内社会政治环境下,北京酷儿影展历经诸多波折。十年来,迫于各级官方的干预,影展从北京城的西边搬到东边,从城市搬到乡村, 2011年第五届影展又回到城市里,以游击战的方式“成功”举办。本片基于影展组委会多年来纪录并收集的现场影像、图片资料,通过当事人自己的讲述,将影展背后不为人知的我们的故事对世人娓娓道来。


This documentary tells the story of the 10-year “guerrilla warfare” waged by the Beijing Queer Film Festival (BJQFF). Originating at Peking University in 2001, the Festival has taken place six—now seven—times to date. Considered the first of its kind, the BJQFF is the only continuous, community-based non-governmental film festival with a special focus on gender and sexuality in China. Given the politically sensitive nature of LGBTQ issues in China, as well as China’s strict media censorship, the Festival has encountered enormous difficulties in its development. In the past thirteen years, its venue has shifted from the western suburbs to the eastern, and from city to countryside. In 2011 it returned to the city and embraced a true guerrilla strategy due to government intervention and censorship. Based on recorded footage collected by the BJQFF organizing committee each year, Our Story contains interviews with committee members, letting them tell the story of the festival and of themselves.



《奇缘一生》Our Marriages: When Lesbians Marry Gay Men



Our Marriages: When Lesbians Marry Gay Men

2012 | 82 min | 何小培He Xiaopei, 袁园 Yuan Yuan


纪录长片 Feature Documentary


编剧 Screenwriter

何小培He Xiaopei, 袁园 Yuan Yuan


主演 Cast

小熊 Xiao Xiong, 静静 Jing Jing, 可乐 Ke Le, 姗姗 Shan Shan


摄影 Cinematographers

袁园Yuan Yuan,何小培 He Xiaopei


对白语言 Language

中文 Chinese


字幕 Subtitles

中英 Chinese, English


制作机构Production Group

粉色空间 Pink Space







Same-sex love takes different forms in different cultures and times. In China, as the pressure to marry continues to be a central component of traditional family culture, some lesbians and gay men have adopted an unusual arrangement to alleviate this burden. A number of mutually consenting lesbians and gay men have entered into agreements that allow them to adopt a form of contract marriage with detailed terms and conditions of marriage and married life. They then hold weddings for the sake of their families and proceed to live as “normal” heterosexual couples.


How do lesbians negotiate their lives as both lesbians and filial daughters? How are these contract marriages arranged? And how does a contract couple navigate the complicated duties and obligations of married life?  Our Marriages: Lesbians Marry Gay Men follows the negotiations, weddings, and lives of four lesbians for two years in a large city in northeast China, documenting their strategies and the issues they face. The film raises important questions and reflections about the institution of marriage as well as lesbian and gay life in contemporary Chinese society.


导演简历Bio-Filmography of Directors





He Xiaopei

Living in the mountains as a teenager trained me to be a professional shepherd, and the Himalayas turned me into a full time mountaineer. A government job made me an economist while the women’s movement and immersion in gender studies converted me to become a feminist. Participating in LBGTQ organizing in China helped me to realize there are many people—especially people with disabilities, HIV-positive women, bisexual women, and sex workers—who are oppressed because of their gender and sexuality. This is why I set up the Pink Space Sexuality Research Centre and continue to promote sexual rights, including sexual pleasure, among people who are oppressed.



毕业于北京电影学院图片摄影专业,独立纪录片导演,从2004年开始参与非政府机构与影像有关的项目,并参与创办倡导性少数权利的NGO粉色空间(2007),创作和策划了一系列的摄影作品,包括《北京前门同性伴侣结婚行为摄影》(2009),平遥国际摄影大展《山女晋娃农村感染艾滋病妇女和儿童作品联展》(2011),《At This Moment, I Want to Be》(2013)获得荷兰“国际骄傲摄影奖”的特别奖。从2008年开始独立纪录片的创作,主要作品有《宠儿》,26分钟;《奇缘一生》,81分钟。


Yuan Yuan

Yuan Yuan is an independent documentary filmmaker who graduated from the Beijing Film Academy. A founding member of Pink Space Sexuality Research Centre, her works include Same-Sex Couples Take Wedding Photos at Qianmen (2009), a photo exhibition of rural HIV-positive women and children at the Pingyao International Photography Festival (2011), At This Moment, I Want to Be (2013; Special Mention at the 2013 Pride Photo Award), and the films The Lucky One and Our Marriages:When Lesbians Marry Gay Men.


导演阐述Directors’ Statement




There is a lot of discrimination against people who enter into contract marriages. Some say that women who are lesbians should come out as lesbian; some say they should not “deceive” their parents; others say having a contract marriage is surrendering to patriarchal institutions. But what do people who actually have contract marriages say? We need to hear people who are in contract marriages tell their own stories. We need to hear from them about their experiences and their family backgrounds. We followed four lesbians for two years, heard their stories, and recorded their ordinary lives and extraordinary weddings in order to understand the simple but profound reasons for contract marriages.

致辞 Preface







吴漫  李丹



Preface 致辞

The 7th Beijing Queer Film Festival is taking place and moving forward. In the midst of an increasingly restrictive and uncertain environment for independent film, the Beijing Queer Film Festival is proud to announce two important developments: the introduction of a Co-Director system and the shift from a biennial to an annual festival.

The introduction of a co-directorship, of course, is a reflection of the team behind the festival. Since the festival’s conception in 2001, the team has been comprised of both filmmakers who ensure a professional standard in film selection and NGOs dedicated to eliminating discrimination against LGBTQ people. This collaboration means that the Beijing Queer Film Festival is a unique film festival with high standards that also plays an important role in China’s LGBTQ rights movement.

The switch to an annual festival does not simply shorten the cycle of the festival, nor does it just confirm the growth of activity and achievements in the realm of Chinese Queer Film. Importantly, the Beijing Queer Film Festival is not only for queer people, but also engages confidently with a “mainstream” audience. Internationally in the last hundred years, the success of the feminist movement relied on a realization among the mainstreamworld that gender discrimination is wrong. In the African-American Civil Rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. successfully fought for mainstream support from both whites and blacks. For the abolition of apartheid in South Africa, the entire world became the “mainstream” standing in solidarity with black South Africans. Thus, while self-empowerment is essential to fighting discrimination, gaining the support of broad segments of Chinese people is a crucial part of the LGBTQ rights movement. Film is powerful a tool to change hearts and minds. We have seen this with films such as Philadelphia, Brokeback Mountain, and Farewell my Concubine; these are films that have transformed audience’s preconceptions. With this in mind, the Beijing Queer Film Festival aims to expose mainstream audiences to queer themes, and will increase the presence of queer cinema in the mainstream media.

So far we have discussed the significance of LGBTQ rights and culture. But if I am straight, and I neither discriminate against queer people nor have any particular interest in them, what purpose could this film festival have for me?  Each of us hopes to live in a culturally rich country; this is key to leading a happy life. In the present moment, China’s economy is flying sky-high, but its culture is crawling on the ground. Diversity is a necessary precondition for cultural development, and the Beijing Queer Film Festival exists to uphold China’s diversity and to plant the seeds necessary for a culturally rich tomorrow. We believe that this day will come.

We would like to thank all those who support the Beijing Queer Film Festival. It is your continued support that has enabled the festival to overcome difficulties and progress this far.


Jenny Man Wu & Li Dan

Co-Directors, 7th Beijing Queer Film Festival

September 2014

[英译 English Translation: Lucy Edwards]


小微 Little Micro ——网络酷儿微电影单元

《事后烟》MV 管罄
《女同之死》行为记录 大京
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《Free to love (勇敢爱)》



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