Post: Gao Guo


He graduated from the Printmaking Department of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. During this period, he learned about gender issues and served as the president of a SOGIE student group. After winning the Academy Award for Graduation Season in 2019, he joined the Chinese LGBT documentary organization——Queer Comrades, as director, producer, and videographer, and continued participating in the production of videos on LGBTQ, disability, feminism,  and other related issues. In 2021, his first documentary on conversion therapy “Xiao Di” was selected for many international queer film festivals. As a project manager, he participated in LGBTQ media training workshops such as Queer University and Queer Lab to encourage Chinese LGBTQ independent filmmakers and influencers. He became a member of the organizing committee of the Beijing Queer Film Festival in 2022. And exploring ways to screen LGBTQ films across China.