Post: 涂建平




在拿到法律人类学学位后,涂建平来到中国学习中文和中国法律。之后他研究中国社会公民权问题,并在众多民间组织中参与民族学相关工作。最近几年,涂 建平通过研究、实践,并运用法律知识制作了与社会和文化相关的电影。他创作了用于全中国教育的有关HIV/AIDS的纪录片“生活启示”(2005),并 且为佛兰德支助中心的基础成人教育导演了一系列教育性电影。他还创作了纪录片“在中国看夕阳” (2008)。涂建平目前为“同志亦凡人”的制作人,居住在北京。


Stijn Deklerck

After finishing his degree in Legal Anthropology, Stijn moved to China where he studied Chinese language and the Chinese legal system. He proceeded to do research on China’s civil society, engaging in ethnographic fieldwork at various grass-roots organizations.
During recent years Stijn has been using his research-, fieldwork- and legal skills to produce socially engaging and culturally relevant films. He produced “Living Positive”(Isolda Morillo, 2005), a docudrama on HIV/AIDS used throughout China for educational purposes, and directed several educational films for the Flemish Support Centre for Basic Adult Education. He produced the documentary “I Want to Grow Old in China” (Smoke Signal Projects, 2008).
Stijn currently lives in Beijing, where he works as a producer on “Queer Comrades”.