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2004年毕业于北京大学法语文学专业,2007-2009年在布鲁塞尔自由大学攻读文化管理硕士,毕业论文《从酷儿到同志-关于性与性别主题影展在比利时与华语两岸三地的比较案例分析》获得比利时高等教育部与非营利组织”彩虹协会”共同颁发的”François Delor”奖。曾任职于比利时皇家电影资料馆华语电影基金办公室,担任非营利组织”欧中视听传播网络”艺术策划,策划包括比利时纪录片亨利斯托克回顾展在内的多个主题电影文化交流活动。现居北京,计划在京创办首个女性影展。


Yang Yang (present executive director)

Graduated from Peking University with a degree in French linguistics and literature in 2004, she went to Université Libre de Bruxelles (Brussels) to study cultural management from 2007-2010. Her master thesis “From Queer to Tongzhi – a comparative case study about thematic film festival related to sexuality and gender in Belgium and in the three Chinas” received the “François Delor Prize” given by the Ministry for Higher Education in the French Community of Belgium and “Arc-en-Ciel” Association. She worked for Belgian Royal Film Archives – Chinese Film Fund, served as artistic director for European-China-Audiovisual-Network, and curated lots of film cultural events including retrospective of Belgian documentarist Henri Storck.
Yang Yang currently lives in Beijing where she is planning to start a first women film festival in China.