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Queer University



Queer University Documentary Training Camp(“Queer University”) is a seven-day program for people who work and/or volunteer in sexual minority communities. Inthe interactive and practice-oriented Queer University course, students are trained in documentary filmmaking, editing, production and distribution, and are empowered to use the skills they acquire to record their own community stories and enhance their advocacy activities. Each year, Queer University awards its most accomplished students with year-long material support and creative guidance, thus helping them in directing and producing their own full-length documentary.



Works from Queer University



Gay or straight

2013 | 6 min | 刘言 Liu Yan,朱宁 Zhu Ning



This Is a Rite of Passage

2014 | 5 min | 梦幸 Meng Xing,木有林 Luke



It’s Nothing

2014 | 4 min |朱静姝Jess, 叶明 Ye Ming



In Depth Report

2014 | 4 min | 才旦 Cai Dan, 甄晨 Zhen Chen




2012 | 4 min | 西柚Isa Gao, 格蕾 Gray