Post: “我们要发声” 性别平等倡导视频营 “Our Advocacy, Our Voices” Video Camps



“Our Advocacy, Our Voices” Video Camps




“Our Advocacy, Our Voices” is a collection of sexual and gender diversity advocacy video clips produced by youth advocates in the LGBT community. All of these videos were produced either at the Common Language Video Camp in Hangzhou or at the Lala Stories Digital Storytelling Workshop in Beijing. The collection gathered here features videos on topics such as the lives of youth activists, body image politics, sexual orientation and gender identity/expression, and sex work.


我们要发声性别平等倡导视频营作品集 2013

Works from the 2013 “Our Advocacy, Our Voices” Advocacy Video Camps


About Boobs

3 min | 小羽 Xiao Yu



We Need You, Teacher!

6 min | 太子 Tai Zi



He’s a Lesbian

4 min | 小七 Xiao Qi



She’s a Queenie Top

4 min | Bitty