Post: 《19个爱情故事》 19 Love Stories



19 Love Stories

2014 | 42 min | 大京 Da Jing

实验纪录短片 Experimental Short Documentary

制片人 Producer

大京 Da Jing

主演 Cast

齐羽 Qi Yu, 那日苏 Na Risu, 军军Junjun, 阳光Yangguang

摄影 Cinematographer

大京Da Jing, 张乔Zhang Qiao

对白语言 Language

中文 Chinese


中英Chinese, English
故事梗概 Synopsis


20 Love Stories consists of ten gay and ten straight love stories.
导演简历 Bio-Filmography of Director


In 2011 I further developed my passion for experimental films. I film in my own style and don’t cater to anything or anybody.
导演阐述 Director’s Statement


This film adopts a very simple black and white tone. It deliberately creates visual contrast with black and white masks in order to distinguish between homosexuals and heterosexuals. By using this contrast, the film aims to explore whether the content itself can make people (gay or straight) feel the same way towards love relationships.