Post: 《阿加特和璐》 Agatheand Lou


Poster Agathe et Lou


Agatheand Lou

2013 | 27min | 诺米·费 NoémieFy

剧情短片 Short Narrative


故事梗概 Synopsis



Agathe and Lou are in love, but they are being destroyed by Lou’s violence. After another outburst, Agathe tries to find a way out. But confronting the problems of the person you live with is never easy…


导演简历 Bio-Filmography of Director

诺米·费(Noémie Fy)是一名自学成才的电影剪辑师。她非常关注一些问题,并希望得到解决,于是她决定导演电影。“阿加特和璐”是她的首次尝试,独立剧本,影片在互联网用户与LGBT媒体的支持下制作完成。诺米﹒菲正在撰写她的第二部短片剧本, 也会同期进行制作

Noémie Fy is a self-taught film editor. Driven by the desire to address an issue that she feels particularly strongly about, she decided to take on directing. Agathe and Lou is a first draft. Self-produced, it was created through the generosity of Internet users and LGBT media. Noémie Fy is currently writing her second short film.

Agathe et Lou - Noemie Fy导演照

导演阐述 Director’s Statement


I’m very happy to see that movies with sensitive topics have a space in international festivals such as the Beijing Queer Film Festival. Freedom of thought and expression goes through these festivals so that different looks and opinions as well as talented actresses and actors can travel … This is our seventh selection and Agathe and Lou thank you!