Post: 《铁兔子》 To Live Invisibly





To Live Invisibly

2003 | 50 min |黄琼纬 Huang Chiung-Wei, 李家慧 Mochiwhite


纪录短片 Short Documentary


编剧 Screenwriter

黄琼纬 Huang Chiung-Wei


主演 Cast

刚朵琳 Gondolin, Woolf


制片人 Producer

黄琼纬 Huang Chiung-Wei


摄影 Cinematographer

李家慧 Mochiwhite


对白语言 Language

中文 Chinese


字幕 Subtitles

中英 Chinese, English


制作机构 Production Group


Department of Communication, National Chung Cheng University

故事梗概 Synopsis




In this film, the idea of the iron rabbit is used as a metaphor for bisexuals’ situation. Something that looks like a rabbit is not necessarily a rabbit. When a straight couple appears, people often consider them to be ordinary heterosexuals. And when two gay people get together, people simply think of them as homosexuals. In this instinctive view, which holds that people are either homo or hetero, bisexuals seem to fade out.


This film is a real reflection of the lives of bisexual people in Taiwan. We hope that through the film, people can understand more about bisexuals.


导演简历 Bio-Filmography of Director




We are stubborn youth who are graduates of Chung Cheng’s Department of Communication. Once we decide on the theme of our shooting, we dedicate ourselves to the film without any regrets. We record life with motion images. This is our first attempt at a feature-length documentary film. We accomplished all of the planning, shooting and post-production independently. Although it was challenging to finish this documentary film in less than a year, and although the final result is not perfect, we still gained a lot of precious experience.

黃瓊緯 李家慧


导演阐述 Director’s Statement




Society’s knowledge about bisexual people continues to be quite limited. People have stereotyped them as being sexually promiscuous and unfaithful in love. Furthermore, they are often asked to choose between homosexuality and heterosexuality; anything in the grey area is not allowed. Despite the fact that bisexuality and homosexuality are both minority identities when compared with heterosexuality, there remains a tense relationship between them. Generally speaking, straight people and gay people all insist on monosexuality. Their sexual orientations are either hetero or homo. Yet bisexuals, who break the rules and show romantic attraction toward both males and females, are forbidden. We wanted to find out how bisexuals live, how they obtain self-recognition in their various identities and how they are forced to separate their hetero and homo orientations. In this way, we hope people will be able to better understand them.