Post: 《近在眉睫》 Such a Short Distance


Une si petite distance


Such a Short Distance

2008 | 19min |卡洛琳·佛尼尔 Caroline Fournier

剧情短片 Short Narrative

主演 Cast

Emilie Alibert, Flora Djien

对白语言 Language

法语 French

字幕 Subtitles

中文 Chinese

制作机构 Production Group

Hystérie Prod


故事梗概 Synopsis


Camille discovers a tiny hole in the wall of her apartment that lets her watch her neighbor. Initially embarrassed, she then begins to spy on the sultry woman next door…


导演简历 Bio-Filmography of Director

Caroline Fournier 导演照


Caroline Fournier is a Digital Creative Director and feature film filmmaker. She holds master’s degrees in cinema and in multimedia science and technique.