Post: 《贵圈好乱》 My 17 Gay Friends



My 17 Gay Friends

2014| 24 min | 彭陌勰 Moxie Peng

剧情短片 Short Narrative

编剧 Screenwriter

彭陌勰 Moxie Peng

主演 Cast

炜宸 Wei Chen, 魏建刚 Wei Jiangang, 余硕 Yu Shuo, 汤太咸 Tang Taixian, 艾伦 Ai Lun, 奥迪 Ao Di, 丁东 Ding Dong, 陶帅 Tao Shuai, 千山森 Qian Shansen, 段秉先 Duan Bingxian, 木木Mu Mu, 叶波尔 Ye Bo’er, Rick Liu, Herldon, Reece Ayer, Jack Smith, Glenn Schuitman

制片人 Producers

彭陌勰 Moxie Peng, 王阅 Bruce Wong,路易斯诺 Luis Nuo

摄影 Cinematographer

张晓晨 Jack Zhang

对白语言 Language

中文 Chinese

字幕 Subtitles

英文 English

制作机构 Production Group

中华万年历 Mox Box Studio Blue’d MOJO Love


故事梗概 Synopsis


My 17 Gay Friends is a romantic comedy with experimental elements that explores the interconnected web of relationships in Beijing’s gay community, all surrounding an unseen narrator. It also pokes fun at stereotypes and labels that often cut across the LGBT community such as femininity and masculinity and how these affect our perceptions of gay people and categorizes people into distinct groups.This short narrative work was written and directed by Moxie Peng and was funded through a crowdfunding campaign on Dreamore.


导演简历 Bio-Filmography of Director






其作品受邀参加“第五届北京酷儿影展”、“尤伦斯亚洲电影周2013短片单元(由JUE 和Electronic Shadows主办)”、“北京BarCamp展映2013第一季”、纪录短片《微寻》荣登“爱奇异”网站首页,首周点击量达到30万,受到广泛好评。

Peng Moxie, born in Hunan province in 1987, majored in Chinese language and literature and is a director and screenwriter of independent film. After graduating from Liaoning University, he came to Beijing and started his independent filmmaking career. His films are characterized by a peculiar personal style: humorous, biting, refreshing and touching. He spares no efforts to experiment with new narrative approaches to achieve originality in film production.

Major works include the 48-hour Film Plan works Gone and Tiger Lily; queer short narrative 3 L Affairs; the short documentariesMicro Search andFrom Me to We: Five Years with the Beijing LGBT Center.

His works were invited to the 5thBeijing Queer Film Festival, UCCA Asian Cinema Week—2013 Short Narrative Unit (sponsored by JUE and Electronic Shadows) and BarCamp Beijing 2013 Season 1. His short documentary Micro Search was carried on the home page, received 300,000 visits in the first week, and had massive public acclaim.