Post: 《爱向溺自倾》 Psychobaby





2014 | 46min | 林君桦 Gill Lin

实验短片 Experimental Short

编剧 Screenwriters

林君桦 Gill Lin, 林耕舞 Kengwu Lin

主演 Cast

林耕舞 Kengwu Lin, 薛姝瑀 Xueshu Yu, 尤胜宏 Jeffery Yu, 谢宜均 Emma Hsieh, 林呈熹 Chengshi Lin, 李孟哲 Matt Lee

制片人 Producer

何晟豪 Jimu Ho

摄影 Cinematographer

王亮钧 Wang Liangjun

对白语言 Language

中文 Chinese

字幕 Subtitles

中英 Chinese, English

制作机构 Production Group

国立台北艺术大学电影创作学系 Taipei National University of the Arts Film Department


故事梗概 Synopsis



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This film explores the complicated nature of human relationships. Group mentality releases desire. The story is about four university art graduates with different personalities, perspectives and sexualities. Throughout the story, the characters develop a complex dynamic between them and search for the perfect idea of love while a party at an art exhibition takes place.




导演阐述 Director’s Statement




Gill Lin graduated from the Taipei National University Film Department with a major in set design. Gill is also a painter, makeup artist, and costume designer. Psychobaby is her first non-linear experimental film; she made as a fourth year student. Psychobabywill also be used as a name for her future projects.