Post: 《我们也想要孩子》 We Want Kids Too


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We Want Kids Too

2014 | 50 min | 米雷拉·范·马库斯 Mirella van Markus

纪录短片 Short Documentary

编剧 Screenwriter

米雷拉·范·马库斯 Mirella van Markus

制片人 Producer

Albert Klein Haneveld

摄影 Cinematographers

米雷拉·范·马库斯 Mirella van Markus, Reinout Steenhuizen, Jeannine Kooistra, Nils Post

对白语言 Language

荷兰语 Dutch

字幕 Subtitles

英文 English

制作机构 Production Group

Hollandse Helden


故事梗概 Synopsis


Filmmaker Mirella van Markus seeks the ideal arrangement of having a child with her wife Claudia. Despite their strong desire to have children, there are worries and doubts. Won’t the child need a father? Will their child be at risk being raised by two mothers? Can they justify raising a child in a family which society doesn’t always look upon with tolerant eyes? And as a co-mother, will Mirella have the same unconditional link with her child as Claudia, the biological mother?

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Mirella is searching for answers. Her quest leads her to lesbian parents, children born of artificial insemination, and a developmental psychologist; she even winds up on the sofa of an adviser who counsels people with a desire to have children. While Mirella worries about what the shape of her family will be and about the role of the donor, it stands to question whether they will succeed in getting pregnant at all. We Want Kids Toois a personal, emotional quest in which two women share their worries, doubts, hopes and disappointments. Parenthood isn’t straightforward for the two women, and neither is getting pregnant.

Mirella van Markus



导演简历 Bio-Filmography of Director


Mirella van Markus was born on January 5, 1977 in Zeist, Utrecht, Netherlands.