Post: 《当我们谈论双性恋的时候我们在谈论什么》 What Do We Talk about When We Talk About Bisexuality?



What Do We Talk about When We Talk About Bisexuality?

2013 | 7 min | Stephanie

纪录短片 Short Documentary

编剧 Screenwriters

Stephanie, Chenchen

主演 Cast

Stephanie, 太子 Taizi, 言 Yan, 坡坡 Popo, 望舒 Wang Shu, 妖妖 Yao Yao

制片人 Producers

Stephanie, Chenchen

摄影 Cinematographer


对白语言 Language

汉语 Chinese

字幕 Subtitles

中文 Chinese

制作机构 Production Group

同语拉拉视频营 Common Language Video Camp


故事梗概 Synopsis


This short documentary concerns bisexuality. It starts with one bisexual’s questioning of self and of others. By talking with bisexual people and/or people who have had experiences related to bisexuality, the film seeks a more diverse understanding of the issue in order to eliminate discrimination and bias.


导演简历 Bio-Filmography of Director


Stephanie loves gender studies as well as feminist and LGBT activism.


导演阐述 Director’s Statement


This documentary was made in the Video Camp sponsored by Common Language in 2013. The main agenda of the work is to initiate discussion of bisexuality. It starts from bisexual people themselves, and lets them share their own stories instead of being defined by the discourses emerging from the tongzhi community. It is also hoped that this clip will be able to generate more dialogue about bisexuality and to create a space for more diverse and powerful forms of imagination.