Post: 《双镯》 Twin Bracelets









Twin Bracelets

1991 | 103 min | 黄玉珊 Huang Yu-Shan

剧情长片 Feature Film

编剧 Screenplay

梁淑华 Suk-Wah Leung

主演 Cast

陈德容 Vivian Chan, 刘小慧Winnie Lau, 郭晋安 Roger Kwok

制片人 Producer

方逸华 Moon Yiu Wah

制作机构 Production Group

香港大都会电影公司 Cosmopolitan Film Productions







Twin Bracelets is a story about Hui Hua and Xiu Gu, who have grown up together since childhood in Hui An, Fujian province. Child marriage is very common in Hui An. Girls get married at an early age and return to their natal families three days after the wedding. They are only allowed to live in their husband’s homes if they get pregnant. These practices cause much heartache for the girls. Hui Hua witnesses her sister-in-law and her friend Mei Zhen become the victims of such marriages and fears that she will meet the same fate. Fearing marriage as well as men, she graduallybegins to pour her emotions into her friend Xiu Gu. The girls exchange bracelets and take vows to one another to become sister spouses.







导演简历Bio-Filmography of Director




Huang Yu-Shan was born in Penghu, grew up in Kaohsiung City, and graduated from the Department of Western Languages and Literature at Cheng-Chi University in 1976. Since then she has worked as editor, scriptwriter, and film critic. In 1982, she earned a master’s degree in Cinema Studies at New York University.

Since returning to Taiwan, Huang has engaged in filmmaking, teaching and writing. At present, she is associate professor at the Graduate Institute of Animation and Film Art of Tainan National University of the Arts. Her areas of research include Asian film, independent filmmaking, and film culture and industry. Founder of Taiwan Women’s Film Festival, her works tend to focus on the lives and experiences of women. Her films also often engage literature and history. Her feature films include Autumn Tempest, Twin Bracelets, Peony Birds, Spring Cactus,The Strait Story, and The Song of Chatian Mountain.