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Global Gay— Pour qu’aimer ne soit plus un crime

2014 | 77 min | Rémi Lainé

纪录长片 Feature Documentary

故事梗概 Synopsis

世界大「同」(Global Gay)是一部当代长篇纪录片,通过记述一些无畏的反歧视同性恋先驱们的生活和工作,反映了世界范围内反歧视同性恋的斗争经历。该纪录片描述了外交过程的起起伏伏,展示了影片中主要人物为推动该事业的发展及联合国相关决议的通过所作出的不懈努力。


The documentary Global Gay is a contemporary saga which chronicles the worldwide battle for the decriminalization of homosexuality through the lives and work of some of its fearless pioneers. The film follows the suspenseful ups and downs of the diplomatic process intertwined with more intimate stories of the film’s main characters as they try to forward their cause and impose a UN resolution.


导演简历 Bio-Filmography of Director

在投身纪录片事业之前,雷米﹒莱恩(Rémi Lainé)是一名新闻记者和独立新闻工作者。在过去的15年里,  他参与写真集制作(Twenty-Something, the Good Years), 重大事件纪录 (Outreau, our Story, The World Stops at Bugarach), 以及国际社会高度重视的人权题材影片制作(Khmer Rouge: A Simple Matter of Justice)。雷米莱恩也是一名摄影师,偶尔为著名的法国杂志XXI进行摄影。自2009年起,他一直担任法国纪录片导演协会董事会成员。

Global Gay - Rémi Lainé

Rémi Lainé started out as a news reporter and independent journalist before turning to documentary film. For the past fifteen years, he has created intimate portraits (Twenty-Something, The Good Years), works focusing on major issues (Outreau, Our Story, The World Stops at Bugarach), and films with an international focus dealing with human rights (Khmer Rouge: A Simple Matter of Justice). Lainé is also a photographer and an occasional contributor to the prestigious French magazineXXI. He has been a member of the board of the French Documentary Directors’ Guild since 2009.