Post: 4’33’’ 我们的歌 Speak Out


摄影:李昂泽 朱夏逸

Director: Shiduan Gu
Screenwriter: None
Cast: None
Producer: Shiduan Gu
Cinematographer: Angze Li, Xiayi Zhu
Genre: Short Documentary
Length: 41min
Year: 2018
Dialogue: Chinese
Subtitles: Chinese, English
Region: China
Production Company: None

故事梗概 Synopsis

纪录片《4’33’’我们的歌》 以一次酷儿嘉年华为线索,讲述一群人的相聚与成长,聚焦性少数群体在世俗观念与自我认同的碰撞中不同的道路选择。影片采用复调叙事模式来讲述TA们的故事,展现其生活状态,表达多元生活的理念。

Speak Outfollows a queer carnival to tell the story of a group of people’s encounters and growth, focusing on the different paths chosen by sexual minorities in the collision of secular ideas and self-identity. Based on polyphonic narrative, the film tells the stories of “them”, showing their living conditions and expressing the concept of diversified life.

导演介绍 Director Biography


Shiduan Gu, mainly works on research, film writing and other matters.

导演阐述 Director Statement


这部制作于4年前的影片,很多片段在今天看来异常珍贵,因为因为这些影像不仅是片中人物,甚至制作者生命中的吉光片羽,更是作为中国中部城市彩虹平权史中散落的记忆。拍摄这部影片时,创作团队所拥有的几乎仅是一腔热情,渐渐影像素材落了灰,但伙伴的嘱托一直萦绕心间,每每想起那些行动的日子,似乎有一种责任,就像片名Speak Out 那样勇敢无畏,这大概也是促使几年后将这么不成熟的作品展示出来的原因。

Speak Out is a silent piece, with this title, we want to represent the ongoing Chinese LGBT movement, in which the protagonists have been mute for a long time by the mainstream. This imbalance between majorities and minorities results in the absence of discourse. After years of speaking out, the key problem has been shifted from “existence” to “how to exist”. This film is a record of a group of people who are brave enough to be themselves and speak out for love, they are the witnesses and participants of transformation, which in return made this film become a video history of the Chinese LGBT+ movement.

This film, made four years ago, has many clips that seem extremely precious today, because they are not only images of the lives of the documented people, or even of the crew members, but also memories scattered throughout the history of the LGBT+ movement in central China. When the film was made, the creative team had almost nothing more than enthusiasm, and gradually the footage was forgotten, but the trust of our partners kept us alive. Every time we recalled those days, we seemed to have a sense of responsibility as fearless as the title Speak Out, which is probably what prompted us to show such an immature work a few years later.