舞娘 Be A Woman

舞娘 Be A Woman

舞娘Be A Woman
对白(Dialog):普通话Mandarin 粤语Cantonese
导演(Director):范坡坡 Fan Popo
制作机构(Production Company):中国酷儿独立影像 China Queer Independent Films 广西纯爱酒吧Guangxi Only-Love Club


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On Gonghe Road in Nanning, a city located in northwestern China, there is a bar called Only-Love,  where luxurious merry-making happens every evening. Georgeous apparels, glittering stage lighting, tempting dancing…behind their sophisticated performance, what life stories do these drag queens hind? Zi-Qi, a lofty nightinggale flirting with men at different evenings; humerous and dirty “Bread”,  running mad both on and off the stage; Strong-flavored Lala, always dressed up with extra delicacy; With both age and weight over all the other, Shancun would not spare a single minute play at the pole with great excitement. The joy and sadness of drag queens are not invisible, three years of faithful record brings you a close look at their beauty and sadness.




Bio-filmography of Director:

Fan Popo
Gay film maker, Writer, Activist.
Born in 1985, graduated from Beijing Film Academy.

Published Happy Together: Complete Record of a Hundred Queer Films (Beifang Wenyi Press, 2007).
Third Prize in the LGBT Research Paper Prize, Chi-Heng Foundation;
Second Prize in the sina.com’s parize for online video;
Participation in directing China Queer Film Festival Tour in over twenty major cities in China since 2008. International exchange in Taipei, Copenhagen, Los Angeles etc.

List of works (as director):
2008 The Good Days, 96mins, the 5th China Documentary Film Festival;
From Tsinghua to Qinghai, 28mins, the World Urban Forum IV;
Taipei: city of rainbow, 10mins, the 1st China Queer Film Festival Tour.
2009 New Beijing, New Marriage, 18mins, the 4th Beijing Queer Film Festival, the 29th Vancouver International Film Festival; 21st Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival; 3rd Asian Queer Film Festival (Tokyo).
2010Chinese Closet, 88mins, the 2nd China Queer Film Festival Tour; 2011 Asian Hotshot Festival (Berlin); 11 th Seoul Independent DOcumentary Film & Video Festival.
Paper House, 20mins, 2010 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival.


Director’s Statement:
I have seen drag queen shows around the country, but was still astonished when I came to Nanning. First I was amazed by the superficial beauty, then I was impressed by their seriousness and their exploration spirit, and finally I was moved by their loyalty and dedication to their place for the community. These actors are beyond the boundary of sex, and this bar is beyond the wall of sexual oriantation; this spirit has been encouraging me ever since.


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