2011年柏林国际电影节泰迪熊奖Teddy Award Berlinale 2011
导演/摄像Director / Camera: Barbara Hammer & Gina Carducci
第二摄像Second Camera: André Azevedo & Katia Perea
助手Assistant: Dana Kash & Nazita Matres Rezai
声音制作Sound Composer: JD Samson
声音设计Sound Design: Gina Carducci & Barbara Hammer
混音Sound Mix:: Bill Seery / Kelly Spivey / Stephanie Testa
录音Sound Recording: André Azevedo/Dylan Bosseau/Dana Kash
实验室Laboratory: Cineric


《世代》是一个片长30分钟的16毫米电影,关于指导与关于个人实验电影惯例指导与传授。芭芭拉汉默,70岁,将摄影机交给吉娜卡尔杜齐,年轻的酷儿,电影制作者。在纽约康尼岛游乐区的最后几天,拍摄者们发现,不可避免的老化通过在游乐园的建筑与胶片的感光之间的来回碰撞得到了调节。受雪莉克拉克的电影Bridges Go Round启发,两人分别对图像和声音进行完整地编辑,将各自的影片合并,得到了一个真正的世代实验性成果。

Generations is a 30 minute16mm film about mentoring and passing on the tradition of personal experimental filmmaking.  Barbara Hammer, 70 years old, hands the camera to Gina Carducci, a young queer filmmaker. Shooting during the last days of Astroland at Coney Island, New York, the filmmakers find that the inevitable fact of ageing echoes in the architecture of the amusement park and in the emulsion of the film medium itself. Inspired by Shirley Clarke’s Bridges Go Round, both filmmakers edited picture and sound separately joining their films in the middle when they’ finished making a true generational and experimental experiment.

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